Thursday, October 02, 2008

Return of the Living Dead


I feel SO, SO much better today, and it has been a great day. I'm still not at 100-percent, but I'd say I'm a good 75-percent. :)

Kandi met me at the house this morning and we went to Mentone, Alabama, and took photos at a nursery for a good two or three hours I suppose. We would've stayed longer but we were pretty much kicked out. We didn't know they were closed, and the owner, who took us into each nursery to show us what flowers she had, didn't tell us they were closed. I'm not sure why. We would've came back another day. Anyway, we very much appreciated them letting us shoot there. We had a great time and I think we got some pretty cool pictures, too.

We went off the mountain and ended up at the cemetery we love. I know that must sound weird, but we DO love that cemetery. Anyway, we grabbed lunch and headed home. We got the tag for my car and then later, Marshall, Kandi, and myself went out for supper.

It was a great day. AND if my day wasn't good enough to begin with, my honey announced at supper that he is getting me a ticket to see Michael Buble in Knoxville this Sunday. AND I DIDN'T EVEN ASK HIM TO!

Sure, I've brought it up about 8,000 times that Buble was coming to Knoxville, and sure, I mentioned a few (hundred) times how sad I was that Kandi was going but that I wasn't. And yes, I may have said a time or two (thousand) that it was sad that I've been to Atlanta, and Jacksonville, Fla., and Nashville to see him, but now I couldn't round it all out by seeing him in Knoxville, but I NEVER asked him to buy me a ticket.

My hubby....he's so, SO in tune with things I want. It's amazing, really, how he just always KNOWS.


Now I'm packing for the trip to West Va. tomorrow. We're driving 7 hours to get there, and we'll watch Cain play on Saturday, then drive 7 hours back home. And the 7 hours is straight shot there. That doesn't include stopping to go to the restroom, or to eat, or to let Lucy romp around. There's nothing more fun though than being in a car for 14 hours (minimum) in a 48-hour time frame, am I right? If you love blood clots in your legs, raise your hand!

Good night. :)


dawnia said...

Sounds like a good reason to fly.

Val Ewing said...

Thank goodness you are feeling better...the 14 hrs? Yeah, I've done that and feel stiff as a board the next day!