Friday, October 03, 2008

I Heart West Virginia!

Every time we visit a new state it always seems like it's prettier than I could imagine. We are here in West Virginia and I absolutely cannot get over how beautiful it is here (see above). They have more color up here on their leaves than we do at home in Georgia and there are small mountains all over the place. It's SO beautiful!

It took us a little over 7.5 hours to get here. We took our time and SOMEBODY wanted to stop by an Indian museum (aka "tourist trap"). We did enjoy walking though, and of course I took photos. We ate at Texas ummm... Texas Roadhouse, I think, and what I could taste of my steak was delicious. Stupid cold...

We got to see Cain for a little bit tonight. Lucy was VERY excited to see him. :)

Going nighty night. Later, gators.

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