Friday, October 10, 2008

Wonderful Day

I'm not sure how this picture will look because I still don't have the screen calibrated on this laptop, so I hope this looks good.

Honey and I got up this morning and took a beautiful drive back through Cumberland Falls and then to Stearns, Ky. We bought tickets for the train and rode the Big South Fork Scenic Railway down to the old Blue Heron coal mine. The train ride was SO much fun. The leaves here are just popping with color and we got to see so many beautiful areas while on our train ride. We loved it. It made for a fantastic time. :) We both agreed that it was a great way to spend the afternoon.

We went out a different way that we came in to the train station and the ride was just gorgeous. The hills are so stunning. The maples are so brilliant orange that you need sunglasses to look at them.

We fixed ourselves some lunch at the hotel and then waited for Cain to call to say that he was finished with practice. We picked him up at the school and drove a few blocks over to the Daniel Boone Festival. I bought a couple more Christmas gifts and then we walked around looking at everything and listening to the bluegrass music being performed.

As we walked around I realized that I didn't have my little Canon S2 IS around my neck. To say that I freaked out is probably an understatement. I hauled butt back to the crafts section of the fair and stopped by the last vendor I visited. They had not found a camera. :(

I went to the next booth, literally feeling myself get faint. I asked the vendor if she had found a camera and she said, "Yes." YES! Thank gosh. She was sitting there for her mom, probably not 15 or so, and then asked me to describe the camera, which amused me. Thank God they found that camera. I use it more than I do my "big boys" as I lovingly call my other two cameras. I LOVE my S2 IS and I'd have been so sad had I not found it.

We met our buddies, Donna and David, when we dropped Cain back off at the school, and had supper with them at a restaurant called "Depot Diner." The food there is SO delicious. A little expensive, but delicious. :)

It was a beautiful day, one of the best. But boy, do we sure miss our Brooke. :)


Val Ewing said...

I would have croaked had I lost my little camera!
I love my pointy shooty Oly. It is pretty much a part of my 'body'.

What a nice weekend you had.

Dawnia said...

I can imagine your panic.

I love trains. We I go with you guys, can we do the train? Trains make me happy.

Anonymous said...

Wow! He looks so grown up and very handsome!!! Sounds like you've had a good time.