Saturday, November 15, 2008


I didn't take too many pictures of the game because it was raining and SO cold that I couldn't stand to have my hands out of my gloves. :)

Today was Union's last season game and YAY! they made the playoffs. :) We're not sure where we will be traveling yet, but we're excited and SO happy for the boys. They ended their season 9-2.

We are headed out to eat at the Depot Diner with most of the tailgating party and to celebrate Cain's upcoming 19th (gulp!) birthday. Wasn't he just two yesterday? *sigh*

It is SO cold outside and I absolutely love it. I've been thinking lately that one year I'd like to go stay in a cabin somewhere in Colorado or just wherever, so that I'd pretty much be guaranteed a white Christmas. I have those visions of a fire crackling in the fireplace, the Christmas tree lights and candles glowing, red ribbons, and a window that overlooks a good three or four feet of snow. Could that kind of scene even be found in real life? Surely...

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Dawnia said...

I'm always up for a cabin. Sounds like great fun. I want lots of white this year. When I got your text I was jealous.