Friday, November 14, 2008

I Need

The view outside my window this morning was lovely. Too bad this photo doesn't show how pretty it really was.

I need prayer. I'm ok, but I need prayer. I'm struggling with several issues and I know that prayer will help.

We're leaving early in the morning for Kentucky. Marshall didn't want to leave tonight, which means I'll have to get up about 4:30 to get my shower and get ready. *grumble* It only takes three hours to get there, but the man I'm married to believes that one should get to football games a good two hours early. Of course, I don't mind getting to the college games early because we tailgate and that is tons of fun. I'm not sure if we'll be tailgating tomorrow though. The high for tomorrow is going to be 48 and it's supposed to be raining all morning. Yuck.



Val Ewing said...

I will pray for you Rachel, I'm not schooled in it, but do it my own way...Hugs to you.

Brooke said...

You know I don't like Taylor Swift, but this song made me think of you and Daddy. It's true, except for the part about the brother being better that I am ;-)

Love you!


dawnia said...

And I will send you loving, kind and positive thoughts.

Look on the bright side... you can nap and make him drive in the gloom.