Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Love 'Em, BUT....

Brooke put the tree up, got the lights on, and then she and I decorated it. It looks great. :) She had some difficulties with the lights but everything turned out just fine. We also set out all of the Christmas decorations but still have a few things to do. Marshall put these little trees up for me. He fussed and complained but did it anyway. Thank you, sweetheart. :)

We have had a house full of friends since Cain got home yesterday. We are so blessed that our children have so many wonderful friends, and I love them, love them, love them, BUT I look forward to having just my family here so that we can actually spend some time together --whether the kids like it or not. :) I told them tomorrow that they are not to have ANY company; it's Mommy & Daddy time. They can surely give us ONE day, right?

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