Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy 22nd Birthday, Tasha!

A daughter is the happy memories of the past, the joyful moments of the present, and the hope and promise of the future. ~Author Unknown

22 years old today! This morning her father and I woke her up (really early) by singing the birthday song to her. After Marshall left the room, I sang the birthday song to her several more times, in different styles:

1. Traditional (once more)
2. Jazz
3. Blues
4. Country and Western
5. Heavy Metal
6. Rock-n-roll
7. Inspirational
8. Mormon Tabernacle Choir(ish)
9. Contemporary Gospel

and what I think was both our favorite style:

10. Pig Latin.

She was telling me to PLEASE STOP from the get-go, but I needed to sing it to her in all those different ways so she'd know how much I wanted her to have a happy birthday. :)

Today we got rid of Comcast internet and cable, and went to Windstream. Yay! I'm so happy. :) I really can't tell the difference in the speed between DSL and cable, so I'm quite happy. We took the Windstream bundle and we have Dish Network (Turbo HD) with 250 channels, a home phone, and DSL internet. I'll be calling everyone tomorrow to give them our home phone number. Oh, and we're paying over $100 LESS for all of this. Yay!

Brooke wanted to go to Olive Garden for her birthday. Her boyfriend, Chad, is up to spend the weekend with us, so they, as well as me, Marshall, and Cain, all had a very nice dinner. Oh! I forgot to mention that we had to take our new LCD tv back to Sam's and switch it for another. We ran by Sam's while Brooke and Chad got us a table at the restaurant. Anyway, the tv kept doing this to the picture:

See the red? It's not supposed to be there at all. The screen looked like it had red sequins all over it. It was very strange. I hope the new one doesn't mess up, too. I tell you what though, if there's a lemon in the bunch, WE are the ones that always pick it!

We had a great day today. :)

Happy Birthday, Tasha. I love you so much, but you know this already. :)

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dawnia said...

You crack me up with the different song styles.

22! Does it really happen that fast. Sniff sniff. Rowan will be a month old tomorrow and she'll never be this little again. Whaa!