Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wonderful Rainy Day

This is a pic of Brooke and Cain from last Christmas at our Christmas gathering with the Pennington family. We're all celebrating Christmas tomorrow on the mountain and I sure can't wait to see everyone. :)

It has rained ALL day today, and I do mean all day. I absolutely love it. The weather has been warm -in the high 60's- and I absolutely HATE that. Tomorrow things are going to change though. We had an arctic cold front moving in and it's going to be very windy and cold. I can't wait. :)

Brooke, Chad, and I played Disney Trivial Pursuit this evening and I'm ashamed to admit that we had to resort to the "small children" set of questions because we couldn't answer most of the questions on the regular cards. :) Chad won (finally! Someone won!) but only because we cheated for him. ;)

My tummy did flips and flops all day today. I'm not sure why, but at any rate, I had a beautiful day just being home and watching the rain. It was the perfect dreary, dark, "winter" day. :)

I hope your day was beautiful, too.

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Val Ewing said...


So nice to have a nice quiet day like that!

I'm going to do that today...I've slept since getting home and plan and being lazy the rest of today!