Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas With the Penningtons

We had a fantastic time with the Pennington family today. :) It was so wonderful seeing everyone. The food was absolutely delicious and we had a blast exchanging gifts. :) The time sure flew by though. I hate that we all didn't get to spend more time with one another.

We stopped by Grandpa's house on the way home and visited with him for a little longer. He's going to have a HUGE birthday celebration on Jan. 4 at the church and I'm so excited about that. I'll be helping my cousin at some point next week to gather and scan lots of old family photos for the occasion.

The weather is wonderfully cold. The low is supposed to be 16 tonight. Isn't that wonderful?! Now, if it would only snow. :)


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Chas said...

Brooke is so beautiful. Does she EVER take a bad picture? I mean even the ones where she looks goofy are beautiful...
Have a great day sweet friend!