Tuesday, December 23, 2008

LaFayette's Amazing Christmas

Tonight we bundled up (sort of) and headed to the musical light display in our little town. I SO wish I had my wide lens that was broken a few months back so I could've gotten better pictures.

The light display is amazing. If you live close by, you MUST go before it's too late. It's at Joe Stock Memorial Park, near the Marsh House. Just tune your FM radio to 89.5 and sit back in your warm car, OR get out and walk around, and watch the lights dance to the music. :) You can also pick up a nice warm cup of hot cider, or hot chocolate, or some warm cookies. :) Fun, fun, FUN!

Here's an absolutely horrible video of the lights, which, by the way, does no justice to the show. It's so much better when you can see ALL the lights so that you can actually see that yes, they are dancing in tune with the music. Oh, and Cain kept talking (well, only twice) AND the wind was blowing like crazy, but still, here you go:

Still, cute. :)

Marshall and Cain worked for a bit this morning. I did my same ol' same ol' and then wrapped some presents. Ashley (Cain's girlfriend) came over and brought me the CUTEST little Snowman mug full of homemade goodies. :) Brooke had lunch with her Nana, aunt, great-grandmother, and a few aunts. She said she had a great time. :)

Christmas Eve. Tomorrow. (o= I'm about to pop!


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