Friday, December 12, 2008

Lots Accomplished

Honey bunches got up and went hunting this morning so I got ready and did a bit of shopping--and this time I actually bought stuff! Yay for me! I've been shopping several times, but I haven't been buying much. Today was productive.

If you've seen Twilight, or really even just seen the previews, then you'll really appreciate this video, which cracks me SLAP up:

The Twilight Before Christmas

Isn't that great?! :)

Marshall and I unloaded all of Brooke's stuff from the U-Haul, saying ugly things about her the whole time. ;) Marshall just about broke his back carrying stuff in. Sometimes I want to strangle him. He has GOT to start taking better care of himself.


1 comment:

dawnia said...

I watched this earlier and laughed myself silly. Of course, santa is kinda cute. You know I like em hairy....