Wednesday, December 03, 2008

My hubby and I rode south of Birmingham (Alabama) today so that he could look at a job. We had a good time, even if it took all day.

My somewhat new laptop that I love more than Diet Coke has a dead pixel RIGHT in the center of the screen. Yes, it's just ONE pixel but it was driving me insane; it is all I can see. Crazy, I know, but I talked to HP's customer support and they sent me a box so that I can ship it back to them. They are going to replace the screen for me. I'm sending it off tomorrow and they told me it may take up to nine days before get it back. :( Blah...

Night. :)


Eric Beavers said...

I love Macs. No problems out of any of them in the past 16 years except for a couple of dead drives (one fatal on an old computer and one that I recovered from).

That's eight Macs between you and me. Well, seven Macs and one Mac clone from the late 1990s.

rachelpennington said...

I remember you sending your brand new MacBook back to repair something.

I'd still rather have a Windows PC than a Mac. You know I hated mine. HATED it. :(