Thursday, December 04, 2008

It's Santa!

It's Santa! Yay! Hubby and I were at the mall today, and I was on the top floor, obviously looking down at Santa. :) When he finally figured out where the flash was coming from he looked up and waved at me. We've been buddies now for almost 40 years so of course he recognized me right away.

It rained all day and hubby and I shopped all day. We had a great time. We bought my SIL such a pretty gift and if she doesn't like it I'm going to keep it myself. :) We got a few small things for Brooke and Cain, got a gift for my BIL (we drew him and my SIL for Christmas). I also got my nephew taken care of, so we accomplished quite a bit.

We left Lucy at the kennel while we shopped so she could play. She was sick so we had to go pick her up. We gave her some Pepto-Bismol and she seems much better. She has been asleep by my side ever since we've been home. I hope her little belly is settled, otherwise I'll take her to the vet in the morning. :(

Hope your day was a beautiful one.


Val Ewing said...

I hope Lucy gets better quick, nothing more to make you worry than a dog with an upset tummy.
Yes, I had a nice day!

dawnia said...

How exactly do you give pepto to a dog?

rachelpennington said...

Val~ Thanks, she's better. :) Glad your day was a good one.

D~ With a spoon. :)