Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hitch Packer

We got this hitch packer today and I felt like it was Christmas around here. (o= When we camp we're going to store our cooler and firewood on it. We were both pretty excited about getting it. It folds up when not in use, or we can easily take it off. Yay!

Today has not been a fun day for me. My tooth is KILLING me. This is the same tooth I've whined about for years now. I can't see the dentist until Monday, as you already know, so I just have to deal with the pain.

Yesterday I said I would tell you why I was (and am) so angry with the doctor that I saw, but I really don't feel like going into it all except to say that he was the strangest, most horrible doctor I've ever been to. He barely spoke 10 words to me and didn't introduce himself when he walked in the room, which I do NOT like.

The nurse insisted I speak with the facility manager about him because apparently they've had lots of complaints about him. When I left, my $99 bill was written off. They said they weren't charging me for crappy service, which shocked me. Anyway, if you live in my town, ask me before you see the new doctor here. I'll save you time and money.

Today I bought some shirts for myself that were on clearance at (don't laugh) Tractor & Supply store. The shirts are SO cute. One has an owl on it and it says "I love the night life." I thought it was adorable so I bought two: an XXL and an XL. They run small, but both fit me. I wanted to make sure to have one when I lose more weight, that's how much I love the shirt. (o=

Good night.

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Dawnia said...

I love their clothes and go through the clearance racks there myself but apparently cowgirls don't have large breast because I never find anything in womens sizes. I did find a new old blue shirt there recently. I miss your skinny ass.