Tuesday, August 25, 2009

34 Pounds

This morning I was at the gym by 7:10 a.m. I did all of my free weights and 10 minutes of cardio before my class started. I had a WONDERFUL workout.

I've lost a total of 34 lbs. and have also gone down to large and extra-large shirts rather than 2X and 3X shirts. :) It feels amazing and while I still have A LOT to lose, it just blows my mind to see what a difference just 34 lbs. makes, you know?

I went to the doctor today and I'll elaborate more on this tomorrow. I have NEVER been so mad in my life, but I've got such a toothache that I don't feel like talking about it right now.



heather said...

34 pounds is like almost 7 bags of sugar. you are awesome. i have spoken.

Val Ewing said...

That is soooooo awesome! Keep up the great work!