Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just Waiting

I'm still reading "The Shack." I've had a few "Oh WOW!" moments, but it's...well, it's several things. I'm having to REALLY let it all sink in and take my time with it, and there are a few things I'm trying to accept that just seem weird to me. So far it's a good read though.

Marshall's birthday is next Monday and we're celebrating this weekend. I can't wait. :)



Anonymous said...

The way I read it is to take what made me go OH WOW and leave the rest behind. It's a little like reading a long parable. It's only fiction with some things along the way that make you realize God's love...that He is always with us, and it cause some eye opening moments about weak spots in my relationship with Him. I didn't struggle with trying to accept things...just kept myself open to God speaking to me through it where He wanted to.

Liasonfan said...

Rachel, just take the oh wow and roll withit.. because for me there was a lot about the book that I never could 'wrap' my head around but in those instances I just took it at face value and moved on. For me the book gave me another insight into how we look at our 'relationship' with God. We never think of it in the terms that the book does and I for one found it refreshing to actually see God in that light... If that makes ANY sense... LOL I loved the book and it really touched me in a lot of ways. Did I agree with some of the 'things' it said.. oh heck no... but I loved the premise of the whole book... Hope you enjoy the rest of the book.