Saturday, August 08, 2009

World's Longest Yard Sale

While headed over the mountain to see my Mom today, I stopped on top of the mountain in my hometown to enjoy some of the people set up for the World's Longest Yard Sale. I had several family members set up there and so I really enjoyed seeing them.

Here I am with my cousin, Scott Hill, and his wife, Tatiana Hill (pardon my squinting). I bought the Peanuts Thermos from Scott. I LOVE the Peanuts gang so I was thrilled to get this. :)

I also got to see two more of my cousin's and their spouses, and my aunt, too. I was thrilled to see them all.

I headed on down to the valley to see my Mom. We had an absolutely FABULOUS day together. I mean, I can't remember the last time we've enjoyed one another so much. We just had a really wonderful day together. She got her own apartment (she and my brother shared a house) and I'm SO happy for her. She's a little closer to me, too, so that's nice. :)

I took her back to the mountain so that she could see all the goodies that everyone had at the yard sales and then we had lunch at Geneva's Restaurant. Our food was delicious. When we went back to the valley we rode around to a couple of the places we lived when I was a youngster, before the house was built on the mountain.

When I got home, Brooke was all gussied up to go out with her girlfriends:

It was a great, great day. Hope yours was, too.

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