Friday, October 09, 2009

Storming In Kentucky

My kids are nutty. I'm not even sure what they are doing here. I forgot to ask. We just left Cumberland Falls, and as you can probably see, we got there pretty late (we were waiting for a storm to pass) so it was quite dark.

We got to Kentucky around two today. We went straight to the town where Cain's college is and went to the Daniel Boone festival. It's a small festival but we had a nice time. It was WARM and I did not like that. I think the high was around 84 which is just ridiculous for fall, right?!

Quite a storm came through as we were going to supper. A tornado even touched down a couple of counties over. Thankfully nothing that bad happened where we are but it was spooky for a bit.

Looking forward to Cain's game tomorrow. I sure hope our boys win!


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