Sunday, July 10, 2011

Spring Cleaning A Little Late

I took this photo in South Carolina on Folly Beach three years ago today. That storm system was massive and beautiful. :)

For some reason today I got the notion to start some VERY belated "spring" cleaning. I worked in my kitchen for HOURS throwing things away, moving things around, and just doing general cleaning. Hours. Hours, I tell you! I'm going to work on every single room this week and I'm pretty excited about it. :) Well, I am right now. I may not feel the same tomorrow.

I made crab cakes from a recipe I found on my new favorite website ( It was a copy of Joe's Crab Shack crab cakes. I don't like seafood at all but my hubby loves it. Unfortunately it was disgusting and he couldn't even eat it. I wonder if the person who copied the recipe forgot something because it was so dry that it was just gross. What a waste of money.


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