Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Goodbye, August!

Goodbye, August. I hope all the heat leaves with you, and September brings the rain. I'm SO ready for fall and I think everyone around here is ready for it, too.

We had a great time with Rowan last night. She's a little angel and such a great kid. She cracks us up, too. She's way too funny to only be three years old.

Brooke and I went to our workout with our trainer at 11. We worked HARD. I mean you just wouldn't believe the workouts that we're doing. I hope to lose all the weight I need to lose before Brooke's wedding. Well, not ALL the weight, because I have a lot to lose. But I want to lose 30 lbs. before the wedding. I only have 27 more lbs. out of that 30 to go. Pray for me that I get there.


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Val Ewing said...

I sort of hated to see August fall away and September come.
We cannot stop time can we???