Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Thundershirt For Lucy

Yesterday I ordered Lucy a Thundershirt (Thundershirt.com) because the little gal is absolutely terrified of storms lately. She's five years old but has only been afraid of storms for the past few months. Not sure what changed there though... Anyway, I ordered the shirt from Amazon after reading what seemed like hundreds of reviews - the majority of them all good.

The Thundershirt arrived today and just in time, too, as we had one of those "heat of the day" thunderstorms that pop up here in north Georgia quite often. I was shocked at the difference the shirt made. I couldn't believe it.

When a storm blows up and Lucy hears thunder she freaks out. She shakes uncontrollably. She pants and wants to be held. I put the shirt on her and, as people have mentioned in their reviews, she just stood there frozen for a few minutes, as if she didn't think she could walk anymore. When the thunder started rolling she did shake for a few minutes but not NEARLY as bad as she usually does - not even close!

As the evening went on and the storms got worse she actually stopped shaking and just stayed calm beside me. Of course, the weather report shows the storm is about to get worse so we'll have to see how it goes. :)

Yay! No more chicken poo poo doggy!

Night. :)

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