Thursday, August 23, 2012

10 For 10

Please excuse the grain in this photo but I took the photo with my phone and it was dark.

We have a king-size bed. See Schroder on the right and Lucy? They sleep right up against me and I am usually literally hanging off the side of the bed.  Something is going to have to change in this house!

So today I went grocery shopping, which is something I don't really do too often. I'm the kind of person that would shop each day or two and just buy what I needed for whatever meal I'm cooking and nothing else. Since we live back on the mountain now I'm going to have to change how I shop.

Luckily our local grocery store was having a HUGE sale. And when I say huge I mean HUGE! All kinds of canned food was 10 for $10. I have never bought so many groceries in my life and I'm so glad that we saved money to get so many groceries. :) We are going to try to stock up on canned food each time we can find it on sale.  The US has had horrible drought conditions and they say that the price of most foods, especially corn, is going to skyrocket this winter. :( Anyway, we should be set in corn, beans, and peas for a while.

That was the extent of my excitement today, and believe me, it WAS exciting!


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