Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Hopper and River are having to stay in kennels right now because we don't have the yard fenced in yet. We've got the fence but my poor hubby hasn't been home much so we haven't started putting it up yet. I walk the dogs every day around the yard so that they can get some exercise and explore their new home.

While walking Hopper today (our oldest dog) she stuck her nose under a cedar tree and instantly got stung by a big hornet on the back.  She shook and fussed and we moved on. We weren't three minutes from getting stung there when I'll be John Brown if another hornet didn't sting her on her left front pad. She cried and cried with that sting.

That's the little jerk that got her in the picture above. I'm not sure what kind of hornet it is, but I DO know they hurt something fierce because because I've been stung by one, too.

Luckily I had gone to the store today and bought Benadryl for Schroeder who is having allergy issues. I'm SO thankful I had that on hand. I sure hope it made Hopper feel better, bless her heart. Seems like she always gets the rough end of the deal. :(

I heard this song on Bluegrass Junction (Sirius XM) on the way back up the mountain today and I was laughing quite hard. I'm sure my hubby would say this song is about me. :)  LOVE it!  It's called "Kind Of Woman" by the Osborne Brothers.  Have a listen:

Later, tators.

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