Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Yucky Dumplin's

As you know, Daddy's procedure went well yesterday. Today he had to have his heart shocked into a normal rhythm & he's doing well. Hopefully he will be home soon. Thank you all so much for your prayers. :)

The fence is finally up! The dogs are so very happy. If any of my local buddies are planning to come visit and the gates are closed you're still welcome of course, BUT make sure you honk to see if we're here. If the gates are CLOSED that means that River is out in the yard somewhere & surprising her isn't a great idea. And you can always call or text me first to make sure we are here.

I just made the WORST pot of chicken & dumplin's on the face of the earth. The chicken was like rubber. It was AWFUL. One of my friends said that the chicken was probably pumped full of steroids, which completely grosses me out.

Have I ever told you that I wanted to be a vegetarian?  It's true, I do. That being said, I sure do love hamburgers, steak, and chicken, but I wish I didn't. Eating an animal bothers me. The whole "cruelty" thing or the fact that an animal has been killed just to be eaten freaks me out. :(


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