Sunday, September 30, 2012

Comments & Whatnot

I went four-wheeling behind the barn today with my hubby. Our land backs up to Bowater property (a paper mill company) so there are literally hundreds of acres to ride around on in relative quiet. Occasionally, like today, you'll pass someone else on a four-wheeler, but not often. The ridges on this "road" don't looks as pronounced as they actually were. It made for a nice little bumpy ride.

September is over, can you believe it?  Me either. Me neither?  Anyway...

A dear friend let me know what a pain in the rear it is to leave me comments because of the "Captcha" thingamabob that you have to do so that spam can't get through. I took that off so you didn't have to try and guess what letter & number combinations Google was trying to use to prove that you are indeed real.  Within four hours I was already being hit with spam comment after spam comment.  I couldn't believe it. Needless to say, the Captcha is back on.  Sorry.  I really am. :(

Later, tators.

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jen said...

I rarely ever get the captcha right on the first try.