Thursday, September 13, 2012


Tagging along behind my honey on a rainy day.  This was the other day - the day before I almost face-planted in that mud puddle. :)

Today I thought there was a velociraptor out in my yard somewhere. Something was making some awful screeching screeching. I looked and saw nothing. I know velociraptors are good at hiding, so that HAD to be what it was I thought. Turns out it was the neighbor's guineas. Sheesh, those make some crazy noises (glad it wasn't a velociraptor).

My Shih Tzu, Lucy, just came into the room where I was, & stood there & stared at me. It was if she was (were?) channeling Lassie. I followed her & she led me to the mud room where Schroeder was digging in the garbage. She told on him! :) Good girl, Lucy (Lassie)! Good girl!


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jen said...

When I get MY farm, I am going to have guineas. Love them. Best watchdogs ever.