Monday, September 03, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday, Humphrey!

Happy Birthday to our precious little Humphrey who turns three today.  Brooke sent this photo to me. He wasn't a fan of his birthday hat. Can you tell?

He was, however, a HUGE fan of his cupcakes and ice-cream (all from Brooke's local pet store). Can you tell?  ;)

If you look closely you can see his tongue going to town on that ice cream.

We went to Ider Mule Day today over in Ider, Alabama. It's something we've actually wanted to attend for a few years, but we usually spend Labor Day in the Smoky Mtns. We finally get to go this year and it poured down rain pretty much the whole time.  :(

I only got a few photos:

The rain didn't allow me to have my camera out for too long. :(

Oh well...hope you have had a great Labor Day weekend.

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