Wednesday, October 10, 2012


We had a visitor early this morning. Isn't he pretty?

So, I think I've mentioned that Lucy has been limping for almost three weeks now (three weeks on this Sat.). She doesn't limp all the time and even plays. Usually if she hurts herself I take her to the vet that day if they're open or the next day if their not. My vet says I worry too much.

THIS time, however, I did NOT rush her to the vet and guess what.  I took her today and she has a hairline fracture near her shoulder. Isn't that JUST lovely?  I felt like a horrible, horrible mommy. :(  The ONE time I don't rush her down there is the one time something is actually wrong. :( My vet says she will be just fine, but I still feel horrible.

I saw this on Pinterest.  Isn't it funny?

Later, tators.

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