Friday, November 02, 2012


It's too bad you can't really see my hubby's face in this photo.  This was the second time on this outing that he had to come to my rescue.

Those ruts in the "road" were deeper than this photo shows and I thought the 4-wheeler was going to turn over on me. It almost did when we first got into the woods. My hubby assured me that it wouldn't turn over, and to "come on," and after I refused to budge, he came and helped me - and the 4-wheeler almost turned over with him.

Besides the near-death experiences, we had a great time. We sat in the woods for a couple of hours and just enjoyed the quiet.

I've mentioned that I love this place, right? :)

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Val Ewing said...

This is absolutely why I love our woods. Of course we can't get around on 4 wheelers in ours but...the peace and quiet is like no other!