Thursday, December 05, 2013

Is It Spring?!

I loved this robot tree. How cute is that?

My windows are open and it's almost 70 degrees outside. I don't appreciate it at all. Although I'm sure some of the dogs around here (not at my house, but in my county) appreciate the warmth because their owners are too stupid to properly care for them. Don't even get me started...

I was supposed to go to a singing with my aunt but because it was supposed to be storming I canceled on her early in the day. I do good to drive in the dark but to drive when it's dark AND storming? Not such a good idea. Instead I went to the mall with my husband and we had one of the best date nights ever. :)

I felt horrible that I didn't go with my aunt (she ended up not going at all) but I am glad that my hubby and I had such a wonderful time with one another.

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