Thursday, December 26, 2013


The kiddos before the opened their gifts (and Lucy the Photobomber).

Today I was headed to Chattanooga to do some grocery shopping. Instead I sat on the interstate for a good 45 minutes or so trying to get to my destination. I was aggravated so I just had lunch at my favorite Mexican restaurant, grabbed a few things from Dollar General and headed home.

My great-aunt Ethel passed away this morning. She was my late grandpa's sister and she was 84. I sure will miss her. She was a sweet, funny ol' gal. :)

Okay, listen - and hang in there with me and don't roll your eyes. Let me just say that I have HEARD of One Direction because, duh, who hasn't, but I've never heard a single song by them (KEEP READING). And then they were on SNL the other night & I heard "Story Of My Life" and was instantly in love (with the song). So I just looked up the song to share with y'all and I watched the video and I was even more in love with the song. Listen and watch. No really, give just this ONE song a try. I'm not on the OD bandwagon, but I'm impressed. Plus, I love the concept of this video (am I saying that correctly?)....I like what this video portrays. How's that? :)

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