Monday, March 17, 2014

Still Alive


I'm still around even though I don't really have much to say. My days all kind of bleed into one. There were some highlights during the month plus that I have been gone:

1. I'M GOING TO BE A GRANDMOTHER! That's right. My son Cain and his wife Ashley are expecting their first baby in September. I couldn't be more excited. :)

2. I spent a week in Florida with my daughter, Brooke. We had a fabulous time even though she still had to work. It was COLD down there (got down in the 30's) but I still visited the beach.

3. I quit drinking Cokes. I used to drink Diet Coke and quit drinking those some time ago, maybe about a year ago. I replaced the Diet Coke with regular Coke but now I don't drink those either. I'd have about 4 or 5 a day. I may still occasionally drink a fountain Coke, but I hope not. I'm very proud of me.

I'll be 45 on Thursday. I'm happy to still be around and hope I'll be telling you about turning 95, but when did I get so old?!

So, how have YOU been?

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