Sunday, October 05, 2014

Happy Anniversary!

My son (growing his hair out to donate to Locks of Love) and his wife celebrated their first anniversary on September 28th. They weren't able to go out so last night my hubby and I babysat (for the first time!) while they went out to a nice dinner.

It turned cold here a couple of days ago. I love it. Our temperature got down to 37 yesterday morning. It was just fantastic.

I'm back to my yearly fall reading of the Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I love reading these nine books every fall and boy, I would've loved to lived back then. I think. :) Anyway, I've talked about it several times before but these books just make me so happy.

Hope you are having a great fall!


Anonymous said...

We had a friend who did this--grew his hair out to donate to Locks of Love (or some such organization). I had never heard of it but thought it such a wonderful thing to do. Cain has your beautiful heart!

Val Ewing said...

My husband donated to locks of love this summer!

It is worth while.

And they look like a wonderful's grandma life treating you?