Monday, October 24, 2005

Well Yee Haa!

This is the first place Kandi and I stopped the other day on our way to the Ocoee. This is the Flint Springs Presbyterian Church but I don't know if it's in Tennessee or Georgia. It was very pretty though. :)

I sat down today at my desk with the intentions of sending out a few more resumes on I've GOT to find a job until I get my photography business on the ground. Anyway, Kandi sent me an instant message and said the day was too pretty to waste sitting indoors. About the same time my sweet hubby called and told me to go take photos so Kandi went and picked up our other friend Ricki and then came here to get me.

We all packed lunches for ourselves and headed up the mountain. We went through Johnson's Crook and back to the cemetery where we were last week. I called for the puppies that were there but none of them came. I was excited. I'm sure someone picked them up. Then a few minutes after we were there the little black one came out and stood by the edge of the woods and watched us. It BROKE my heart. She was nothing but skin and bones. I'm thinking that when someone picked up the other pups she wouldn't come to them. We fed her what food we had and I do believe we're going to go back and back again until she gets used to seeing us. Hopefully she'll start coming to us before she dies. :(

We got some great photos today and had a good time. It was co-o-old, about 45 degrees and the wind was blowing like crazy. We got back home around 5 and I came in and fixed supper and then waited for my honey and my son to get home. I brought the dog in and put her in the basement. It's going to be cold out there tonight and I don't want her out there in it.

The people up north around New York are going to get snow. I'm so envious I can hardly stand it. I hope they enjoy it as much as I would. :) Lucky dogs...

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