Tuesday, November 29, 2005


I spent most of the day going through clutter and trying to get my house straightened up. It is such a mess. :(

Cain drove to school for the first time by himself today. I was a nervous wreck until he called me and let me know that he made it to school--and then until he made it home from school. He said everything went smoothly. I still worried sick though.

Marshall and Cain went to the wrestling tournament at the school. Cain wrestled for four years and every year we had a trip to the E.R. with him. I am so glad he's not doing it anymore, but just as much as that, I hate that he's not doing it anymore. I loved watching him wrestle, even if I did get sick as a dog before every match.

Brooke will be coming home on Dec. 8 (right, Brooke?) ;) or somewhere there abouts for a whole month. I can't wait. :) She and I are going to go Christmas shopping because I haven't bought the FIRST thing. I like it when she goes with me so that she can tell me what clothes would be "cool" for Cain, or if she thinks this or that is hip or ugly. :)

Hope your day is/was a great one. :)

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I like the pic!