Monday, November 28, 2005

Yucky Weather

Well, it's just been an ugly day. It has rained for the most part all day and tonigh we're getting some thunder and lightning. Woo hoo!

As soon as we got in and got settled in for some Monday Night Football, Marshall got a call and had to go to Birmingham. :( He should be getting back any time now but what a bummer that he had to go at all. He is missing the Steelers, which is his favorite NFL team. :)

I spent the evening taking photos of some of my Christmas decorations. We're one of those families who have ornaments that don't match, and all of them have sentimental value; most came from my maternal grandmother, and lots were handmade from Brooke and Cain. I love our tree, even if you'd never see it in Better Homes & Gardens. :)

Have a nice evening.


O' Tim said...

Ornaments that don't match?! How utterly dreadful! Yestiddy I put up all our lights whilst Jen trimmed the tree. She cracked me up when I was stapling the garland and lights around the front doorway and she walked by and said all romanticky "What a man!"

Chrisi said...