Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Where Did Today Go?

I swear, today just flew by! I'm not sure why either.

Last night I was just falling into that really good, deep sleep, when Marshall's stupid work phone woke me up. He had to go to work for a little bit over here at a plant near the house, but after that I couldn't sleep very well.

When the clock went off this morning I didn't want to get up, but I took Cain to school, came home and got ready and went up on the mountain to see my uncle. He slept the whole time I was there pretty much, bless his heart. He woke up a couple of times and told me he loved me and also said he was sorry that he was being rude. I just smooched him and told him that was silly...that he was rude all of the time. ;D

Anyway, by the time I left there and got back home, it was time to go get Cain, and I've been so sleepy that I can't hardly keep my eyes open. I've been fighting sleep since around 4 p.m. I'd love to go on to bed but Lost is coming on! Goodness knows I can't miss that! :D

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