Saturday, July 15, 2006

Great Day!

This was taken at Cades Cove a few months ago when hubby and I took a road trip. I love Cades Cove. If you're not familiar, it's in Tennessee in (or near) the Great Smoky Mtn. National Park. It's so beautiful.

I got up early this morning when Marshall left for work and went out to visit with my Dad for a while. He's doing SO much better. He's still pretty feeble, but he's getting better, and he looked much better. It's so strange seeing him with all of that weight off though. 48 lbs. in 37 days. Can you imagine?

I fiddled around in the yard while he went to take a shower. I took lots of photos of Becky's flowers. She has such gorgeous flowers everywhere. I felt really melancholy today as I walked the same trail that my brother and I had made years and years ago when we walked from the house to the road to catch the schoolbus. Funny how it seems like yesterday and 100 years ago all at the same time. Anyway, I shed a tear or two just thinking about all those years. Anyway, I had a great visit with Daddy and Becky but I wish it could've lasted longer.

It is miserably hot outside, almost too much to stand. Whn I left the mountain, I called D&E to see if I could come up and swim. Of course D said yes and I headed up that way. Marshall met me there an hour later and we swam into the night. It was wonderful and the water was SO warm. It felt like bath water. :) I hated to leave when it was time to get out. We all had a great time. *waving to Jen, D, and Tammy* Poor Eric was sick from a sinus infection and had to retire early. I felt pretty sad for him. :(

My Canon Digital Rebel is two years old today. :) We're both still chugging along.

Have a great night!

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jen said...

Great time....haven't felt so free in a long time.