Saturday, August 05, 2006

450-Mile Yard Sale

This morning I got up as Marshall got ready for work. Chrisi met me here at the house at a little before 8 and we headed out on Hwy. 27 to stop at some of the yard sales set up for the 450-mile yard sale.

I spent about $10 all day, and my favorite purchase was this cute little Raggedy Ann & Andy metal crayon box from 1974. :) I just love it. Our last stop was in Chickamauga at Lee & Gordon's Mill. We stayed there looking around for quite a while, but most of the things there were too expensive for your typical yard sale.

We ended our day at a store in Chickamauga that sales period clothing for reenactors of the Civil War. We stayed for about an hour talking with the husband and wife store-owners. They were so sweet and very funny. I really enjoyed talking with them.

After we left there Chrisi brought me home. Marshall got home about five minutes before I got back. We ate some lunch and headed up to E&D's to spend the evening. We had a fantastic time there. It was the perfect ending to the perfect day. I'm so tired now that I can hardly keep my eyes open. :)

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