Sunday, August 06, 2006

Lazy Sunday

(Cain in his redneck attire, cooling off with a Freeze-Pop)

Marshall slept in this morning and I got up at 7 to get the house a little straight before we took off for the day. Btw, I hate washing dishes. *sigh* I really need a dishwasher.

Cain got home from an overnight camp-out and we went up on the mountain to see if there were any yard sales out there. We drove down towards Cloudland, Georgia. There were several people set up. I found a really old picture that I wanted so bad that I couldn't stand it. It was $15 though and the lady wouldn't come down on it at all so she got to keep it. :)

Now I'm super sleepy and don't have all of my household chores finished. :( I've still got clothes to wash and the living room is a wreck. I don't know how my house gets so messy.

1. Affair: of the Heart
2. Package: wish UPS would deliver me one from B&H Photo
3. Warner: Bros.
4. Drop: Weight
5. Balance: my checkbook
6. Shore: Wish I were on one now.
7. Confirmation: Yes!
8. Nose: Job
9. Talking: Heads (same as it ever was) :)
10. Bend: of the Tennessee River

1 comment:

Val Ewing said...

The house has a terrible habit of getting messy on its own, believe me I see it happen here all the time! LOL.