Wednesday, August 02, 2006

It's All Good

I don't know if this photo comes across very well in this blog, but I like it. It's my honey's reflection as he's driving to Birmingham to do a job. :)

Chrisi and I went to donate blood for our city's police chief who is battling cancer. We were so excited, but *I* wasn't able to donate because I had low iron. :( I was so diappointed. I still got a t-shirt, as did Chrisi, that says "It's All Good!" so we said it as often as possible to everyone today, including poor Tim whose shirt only says, "What if everyone said no?" What a boring shirt... ;)

After work Chrisi and I went to a couple of local thrift stores and looked around. We have so much fun doing that. There's all kinds of fun stuff to look at, and you can usually find some great bargains.

I'm considering moving to Iceland for the rest of the summer. Anyone want to come with?

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