Thursday, August 03, 2006

Verrrry Interesting

This little chair, doll, and quilt were in the slave quarters of Jesse James birthplace. I know that the slave quarter was a replica of the little house they had on the property, so I'm assuming that the stuff inside it were also replicas.

Today at work my right leg started hurting a little bit. I told Chrisi that it felt like my skin was about to split open. It was a very odd feeling. Later in the day I noticed that my leg was swollen pretty bad. I called the dr. and made an appt. then they sent me for tests to make sure that it wasn't a blood clot. He was concerned because only my right leg was swollen and because it came on so suddenly. Anyway, the ultrasound that they did today showed no blood clots in my veins so that's a good thing. Tomorrow they are going to check my arteries. Hopefully it will be NOTHING along those lines.

I'm going to bed. I'm pretty tired. Have a good night.

Oh, and today is my beloved cousin's birthday. :)

I love you, Tiffany! Happy Happy! *SMOOCH*

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