Saturday, August 19, 2006

It's TOO Hot!

Well here's me and my fat butt with Brooke, before we headed down to the football field for the first annual fanfest. It really wasn't very enjoyable. First off, it took away time that I could've been spending with Brooke, and second, they didn't even introduce all of the team, just the seniors. It was MISERABLY hot and about an hour into it, it started thundering, lightning, & raining. We left before the concert with Buck & Duke or Luke & Duke or Duck & Bo or whoeverthecrap they are even started.

I've got to lose weight. *sigh* I don't even make any effort to try. I don't know why. I always start out with good intentions of going on a diet, but I never do. I don't exercise either. Blah, I've got to do something.

I'm so enjoying my time with Brooke. I can't believe that she's leaving in the morning. I'm already trying to mentally prepare myself for her departure. I seriously already am feeling pain in my chest and I know it's because this time tomorrow she will be long gone.

Oh well, we're about to go lay in my bed and watch tv and talk. We may even make Marshall sleep with Cain. :D Of course, we may not can even stay awake for very long. That sun took a lot out of us.


Southernwoman said...

That's a terrific picture of you two! Both of you are gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

i hear you on that.
But I think this picture of you guys is stinkin cuuute.
You're beautiful :)