Saturday, September 02, 2006

Par-Tay Har-Tay

Everyone slept in this morning, except for me. I woke up with a yucky tummy and I'm not sure why. Anyway, got up, took my shower, and waited for Brooke to get up so that she could go get a few groceries w/me.

We got groceries and came back home and visited for a while. Cain had to go to work and Brooke and Chad went to Chattanooga with some of their friends to watch the Tennessee game (Chad's a Tenn. fan--*gag*).

Marshall and I headed up to ED's for the big almost-end-of-summer pool party blowout. (o= We had a fantastic time--FANTASTIC. The pool felt amazing, the food was delicous, and the company was great. I took lots of photos, much to Eric's dismay. Brooke and Chad met us there after the game was over and we introduced them to everyone. We stayed for a while longer, sat around the fire and talked and laughed. It was tons-o-fun. :)

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Best one yet.