Sunday, October 19, 2008

Great Day!

I got up this morning and promptly turned the small gas heater on. It was COLD in this house. I jumped in the shower and then woke my hubby up as I was getting dressed.

We met his Mom and Dad, and two other family members (2nd cousins) for breakfast. We enjoyed seeing them, especially since I didn't feel so good when we were at their house yesterday.

We left them and met Kandi at her studio and then headed to Ketner's Mill. It was one of the best fall festivals that I've been to in a long while. We were there for a couple of hours and really enjoyed ourselves.

We had lunch at Sugar's Ribs and then dropped Kandi back off at her studio. We came home and have been relaxing ever since. The heat is on and I'm wearing my fleece pajamas. The low tonight should be 38. *jumping for joy!*

Tomorrow we'll be working in the yard. It is quite a mess, with limbs that have fallen, and leaves everywhere. I look forward to raking. I rather enjoy it, and that's a good thing because there's plenty of it to do in my yard. :)

Did you see Sarah Palin on SNL last night? It was great! You can see the clip by Clicking HERE if you'd like. I also enjoyed the clip with Mark Wahlberg (who I love!). If you've heard the entertainment news, you know that Wahlberg didn't think the clip they did of him last week was too funny, but it was great to see him come on and mock himself. :)

It has been a beautiful day, AND I get to look forward to the fact that both of my babies will be home in FOUR days. :) Yay!


Dawnia said...

I was off yesterday and I could have went with you! Whaaaa!

Miss you. Sniff sniff.

Val Ewing said...

How nifty, you changed things around again!
Love the beautiful.
Seems like you are soooo busy!
What special things are you doing when the 'kids' get home???