Monday, October 20, 2008

I Wasted Today

This is the view from inside Ketner's Mill but it didn't even cross my mind to get a photo of the actual mill. That's why I'm not a pro photographer. :)

I wasted today. Just wasted it. I didn't do a single thing. Well, I DID straighten my bedroom, but that's about it. I hate that, too, because it was a beautiful day. :(

We heard a horrible crash in the kitchen a few minutes ago and then Lucy came running in here (in the bedroom). We ran in there to investigate and the light globe had fallen and busted all in the floor, and all in Lucy's food.

Remember when I said that she was terrified of her food and water bowls? Well, she WAS doing better...goodness knows how bad tonight terrified her. I swept up the glass (which managed to not only get all in the kitchen, but the dining room, too) while Marshall examined Goose to make sure she wasn't cut anywhere. Thank God she was ok. I don't know how she was...there was glass EVERYWHERE, even in her food bowl. I threw away all the food in her bowl, and emptied her water bowl, wiped them out and filled them back up and brought them in the bedroom. I said a prayer, thanking God that she wasn't hurt. Ugh...

Kandi and I are going shooting tomorrow. Yay!



Val Ewing said...

Well I hope you enjoy your 'shooting'!!!
Did you ever figure out what Lucy did??

Dawnia said...

Perhaps your house is haunted.