Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

We are in um.... somewhere in Tennessee, on our way to Virginia. Marshall had to work late so we decided to just drive halfway.

Went to Sam's Warehouse (or whatever it's called these days) to get razors. Came out with $90 worth of Christmas presents, a HUGE amount of Christmas spirit because of everything they have in there Christmas-related, AND...

... and no razors.

*sigh* They're SO cheap there. I guess I have to go back. :)

Happy Halloween, to those who celebrate it. :)

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Dawnia said...

I'm always up for a trip to Sam's. I can't get out and not spend at least 150-200 and I usually buy the exact same thing each time. Same things for years.

They have the best maters.

They have that spinach sausage that everyone on the planet (except you) loves.

They have those sweet peppers.

They USED to have the best cat litter, but they don't carry it anymore. Bummer.

AND they have giant tubs of my favorite cottage cheese, cookie dough and bags of fish.

Loves me a Sam's. Hypocrite I am cause I hate Wal-Mart. Silly cause it is the same thing.