Saturday, December 06, 2008

Got Gas?

Can you believe this price?! Marshall did a u-turn right on US 27 when I pointed out the sign showing gas for $1.49. We couldn't believe it. It felt like we were getting an early Christmas present. Nice, huh?

We dropped Lucy off at puppy daycare and headed to Chattanooga to do a bit more shopping. We had a great time at the mall and got a few small gifts for the kids.

On our way home we stopped by to visit with Dawnia and sweet Rowan. She is SO cute. I held her and just swayed. I could've stood there all day like that. She is precious. She puckered up when D was changing her clothes. It was just adorable! Brooke and I get to babysit in a couple of weeks and I can't WAIT! Brooke is going to pop when she reads this because she can't wait to get her hands on Rowan. (Baby hog!)

Can you believe Florida beat Alabama? Yeah, I know!

Have a good night. :)

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