Sunday, December 07, 2008

No Room For Snowman :)

My MIL had no room in her house for this adorable snowman so she gave it to me. I think it's absolutely adorable and I'm glad she ran out of space in her house. :)

I want to share a link that I share every year at Christmas. It is my most favorite website on the whole internet. It's called Santa Claus Live. You MUST check it out. That first link I gave you is to the main page, but CLICK HERE to see a live web cam of Santa and another live cam of outside. Know though, that they are in Finland, which is seven hours ahead of us so make sure you look early in the morning. :) I'd seriously give anything to go there myself, but I don't think I could handle the flight. :( Go look though. You'll love it. :) You're welcome!

We got up early this morning and headed to town and had breakfast with my MIL & FIL. We shopped for a little bit with them, then headed to their house for a visit. We came home and I straightened the house, then we watched movies. :)

To say that I love this television is an understatement. And just know that I truly don't watch that much TV, but now when I do, it sure is fun. HD is amazing!

Know what comes out in two more days? Know who's going to be at the store to get it first thing Tuesday morning? If you guessed me, you win! *sigh* If there were only more scenes with the Joker in it, the movie would be the most perfect movie (of that kind) that I have ever seen. Well, more Joker and less of that super-weird voice that Christian Bale uses when he puts that Batman suit on. As I've said in the past, Bale is my favorite Batman, (maybe because he has a lisp and I have a thing for guys with lisps--it's true), but that VOICE. Ugh...

Later, gators.

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