Monday, December 08, 2008

One More Day!

Little Miss Rowan could not be any cuter if she tried. Don't you agree? Brooke and I are so excited about babysitting in a couple of weeks and we've decided that even if D's class gets canceled, we're still booting her out the door so we can spend time with the baby. :)

One more day! One more day! I can't wait. I just really can't wait. I wish my hubby didn't have to work tomorrow so we could watch the Dark Knight as soon as I get back from buying it. I'll guess I'll just have to watch it over and over until he gets here, which is fine with me. :)

Here's a pic that D took of Rowan and I. How cute is this:

Well, my honey is back from Fort Payne so I'm going to get supper started. Have a great evening. :)


dawnia said...

Beautiful you look I tell you. I'm so glad you love my baby girl! You can see it in your face. Thank you.

dawnia said...

And giving me the boot won't be that hard. Any time you want.

Val Ewing said...

hmmm Rachel...perhaps you need another baby in your life!!!

So cute!
Babies Rock!